Book Writing Software: Items Of Software for Writers

Writing a book is hard. I’ve written seven books as well as some point during every one I had the thought, “There has got to be an instrument, a bit of book writing software, that could get this easier.”

Bad news/good news: writing a novel will always be hard, while the best piece of writing software in the field won’t write your book for you. But the very good news is there is book writing software that will result in the process a little easier.

On this page, we shall cover the ten best pieces of software for writing a written book and look during the benefits and drawbacks of each and every.

Worst bits of Software for Writing a Book

First, though, let’s cover software you should avoid, at the least while you’re writing a novel:

  1. Game Titles. Especially World of Warcraft (always always always!) but also Solitaire, Sudoku, Angry Birds, and, in my situation right now, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Continue reading →