This guest post is by GoSchoolWise, a different website offering up free tools to help having college prepare.

Is this school a good match for this is my child? Do we have a nicely balanced college listing? How much will probably college charge us?

In the event these are typically the questions that you are asking yourself, there is good news. A clever computer termed IBM Watson (the computer that master humans in Jeopardy) can be helping respond to these things for a huge number of parents this christmas at GoSchoolWise. com.

GoSchoolWise. com provides 3 tools that use superior algorithms to help answer the very questions you used to be wondering. Thankfully all these equipment are free for high school students and the parents.

College Personality Fit Instrument: The tool has studied over 800 US educational institutions and acknowledged as being personality traits with students during those academic institutions.

Example: A number of the personality traits associated with Georgia Specialist students tend to be: Unselfish, Then go with the flow, Thoughtful, etc . Some features for students in Columbia University are: Self-employed, Change-Agent, Special etc .

The tool can analyze your son or daughter’s essay as well as Tweets to build up her/his personality traits and discovers their individuality fit with just about every school in your schools number. In addition to grounds visits this tool can provide you with a unique mindset how good your child will probably fit in at the particular classes. Continue reading →