Ca Beach – by Darkman – guy at nude coastline has intercourse with a young sibling and cousin. (MM, Mbg, ped, bi, oral)

Phone man – by Anon – a new black colored administrator receives the potential for a whole life, simply to discover that their structure is their tool that is best to get ahead economically. (MM, intr, 1st-gay-expr, work)

Calling Her Bluff – by Romeodt69 – a wife and husband discuss lot of dreams during intercourse. Now it absolutely was time for you to call her bluff! He invites A bisexual man to satisfy them on a week-end getaway. Which was the week-end that started all of it! (MMF, bi, dental, swingers)

Camp – by Andy G. – Two buddies have snot-flying-drunk while the the one that remained aware made a decision to have a blast together with his passed down buddy. (MM, liquor, nc)

Camp Obajeebaa – by Durango Dan – Sam and Andy would be best buddies likely to camp. Their 11 12 months old fascination kicked in once they spied on a few counselors. Then they had to experiment on each other to see just what it felt prefer to do whatever they saw. (MM, bg, bb, ped)

Camping – by Anon – Two buddies camping discover they both have side that is bi-curious. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, dental)

Camping Out – by Val White – Three men thinking about some intimate experimenting among by themselves, prepare a camping trip to enable them to be alone, simply to realize that three girls had already put up their tent in the child’s plumped for campsite. (m+/f+, teenagers, bi, first, orgy)

Camping Trip – by Joan a lady and her two brothers camp away in the relative yard, then they talk the lady from next door into joining them. (mmff, bi, inc, coa)

Camping Trip – by Q12 – Dad and son camp but come across some difficulty. (M+/MM, inc, nc, orgy, mast)

Camping Trip Threesome – by Anon – An impromptu threesome between a married few plus the child buddy for the wife’s cousin throughout the very first nights a camping journey. (MMF, bi, threesome, dental)

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