Montenegrins spend several thousand euros for the young Albanian ladies, as soon as they see whom those are now actually one, these are typically shocked!

Few males through the north of Montenegro had been kept without few thousand euros, but in addition without guaranteed

One guy from Rozaj town, whom desired to remain anonymous due to “for so-called shame”, claims he offered 2.500 euros to marry a woman from Shkoder, but he never saw the bride.

– i’d like to alert everyone whom decide with this to care not to ever be like me personally – stated this man and mentions that four of their others who live nearby currently hitched Albanians, as reported by

– They usually have been shown to be a great spouses and housewives. Our females will not started to the village, so I made a decision to carry Albanian. And a”middleman” is needed by you, an individual who understands their possibilities and who can guaranty for all of us and also to convert. That is the way I discovered a guy from Andriceva and folks said he has got been doing that working task for years – he stated and told that “middleman” wants 3.000 euros that he would provide to the bride’s household.

Tesko vama ako ste u vezi sa ovim muskarcima, oni su najljubomorniji

– we offered him 2.500 euros because that’s all i had right now, additionally the remainder if the task is completed. He brought pictures of prospective brides. We picked one and we also headed towards the village near Shkoder. As soon as we got there they showed us entirely various woman because mine had been visiting family relations. Continue reading →