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Q: I have hung the Windows95 but dont accessibility it partition from inside the newest Linux program, what is actually incorrect?

computer!FAQ drive!faqs This is just some everything i faith may be the most common issues anybody may have. Q:Just how many physical disk pushes (spindles) really does good Linux program need?

A: Linux normally focus on alright using one push (spindle). With adequate RAM (as much as thirty-two MB, and up to help you 64 MB) to help with exchanging is a much better speed/overall performance solutions than just taking one minute drive. (E)IDE drive is sometimes reduced (but a tiny slow) than simply SCSI. Q: We have an individual push, will this HOWTO assist me?

A: Yes, regardless if merely to a small knowledge. Still, section will offer some growth. Q: Are there any disadvantages inside design?

A: There’s just a snag: when the even just one partition overflows the machine you’ll stop working safely. Continue reading →