Despite having a diploma that is advanced level economics from a Kiev that is prestigious college Svetlana Stekolchshikava’s work prospects seemed bleak.

Under Ukrainian residency legislation, Stekolchshikava is supposed to locate run in Dneprorudnyy, the gritty provincial town in primary Ukraine where she had become.

There she could get work to be a bookkeeper in one of the location’s failing state enterprises which are commercial make about $40 thirty day period.

So that it’s barely astonishing that whenever Stekolchshikava saw the mag ad prov >

Like tens and thousands of young ladies in Eastern and Central Europe, Stekolchshikava, 27, was indeed about to be snared in what is now a hugely lucrative enterprise that is unlawful the trafficking in females through the last communist bloc to your rich nations of Western Europe and Asia.

Several of the women understand what these are typically stepping into. Other people are surprised when they learn–too late–that “hostess” is a euphemism for prostitute. In either case, they’re set for a awakening that is rude they find their education to which their life are not any longer their unique. Continue reading →