The Promise and Pitfalls of Netflix’s brand New Reality Dating Show for Autistic People

A s an autistic who dreams intensely about better autistic representation in news, we approached appreciate regarding the Spectrum as being similar to its topics did actually approach their times: excited but incredibly stressed. Hopeful that this time around is various, despite a history that is long of and dissatisfaction.

The reality that is five-part, which premiered on Netflix previously this week, seemed fairly promising the theory is that. Dating, sex, love and relationships might provide some challenges which are unique to autistic individuals, but they’re difficult for pretty much everybody else, making love an excellent subject through which to explore autistic presence without making us look like a totally alien species, or adorable pets who think they’re individuals. Any show which could tackle our typical humanity aswell as our usually significant distinctions could possibly be entertaining for both autistic and non-autistic audiences and potentially illuminating for the latter.


Tales about love and autism have hardly ever resided as much as that vow in past times. Continue reading →