Think about for a while a homosexual man questioning his intimate orientation

However, if we think that technology is somehow natural and unbiased arbiters of great thinking — logical systems that simply describe the planet without making worth judgments — we come across real hassle. Assuming recommendation techniques claim that certain organizations are more sensible, rational, usual or acceptable than others we are in danger of silencing minorities. (this is actually the well-documented “Spiral of quiet” effect governmental boffins regularly observe that in essence says you might be less inclined to express yourself if you were to think the feedback come into the minority, or probably be in minority in the future.)

He doesn’t discover someone else that’s homosexual in which he’s desperate for strategies to meet other people who were gay/bi/curious — and, yes, possibly find out how they feels for intercourse with men

He’s got told no-one more he’s keen on men and has nown’t totally turn out to themselves but. Continue reading →